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Paws from Ukraine fundraising calendar has been created by students from the Entrepreneurship Course at Coláiste Dhúlagh, College of Further Education. This calendar is a curated selection of photographs showing the inspiring stories of some of the 600 Ukrainian families and their much-loved dogs, many of whom risked their own lives to escape the ravages of war in Ukraine and find refuge in Ireland. The photographs reflect the incredible and unique bond that exists between families and their canine companions and is a testament to the resilience strength and courage it has taken them to overcome adversity. Your support will help raise much-needed funds for the Blue Cross Mobile veterinary clinics that provide essential veterinary services to thousands of pets every year.

My name is Cocos, and this is my story. 
I was born in a city called Ivano-Frankivs’k in Ukraine 2 years ago.
19 Hours in a cage 
My name is Cocos, but you would call me Coconut here. This is my story to tell.
I was born in a city called Ivano-Frankivs’k 2 years ago as a playful, interesting dog that loves to fool around. People say that I am a big boy already, but I still remember the day when I met my human for the first time.

At first I was scared and stressed as I was separated with my milky mom, and brought to a new place, but with all the love that she gave me throughout this time I can’t remember those days. I was even allowed to sleep on the master bed!
My life was great!

But one day something happened, I woke up seeing my mommy very stressed and she was packing the bags, I couldn’t understand how to help her so was just following her to wherever she goes trying to cover my fear.
When she was ready, we left the house and started the long way to a new destination and smells.

This is when my first boat trip happened and I was just 9month old. If only I knew that it would not be so easy and fun.

By the general rules of the ferry I was not allowed to continue my trip together with my human, so I was taken away and placed in a cage where I had to spend 19 hours. But as you know, dogs have different perception of time, I felt like it was ages.
Desperately, I tried to break free, but instead just wounded my paw and nose. Likely my mommy was also worried about me, so she was coming to check on me as much and she could. Seeing I was wounded and stressed she was able to get a permission of the personnel to allow us to spend time together on deck, but unfortunately I still had to go back.
Time was passing and we finally reached our destination. We arrived to Ireland.
It was a new chapter of my life, I had to adapt to a lot of new things and laws, but it was fine as meantime I was growing up and changing.
Despite of the fact that we still had to face many obstacles in the beginning of our life here. It was a big deal to get all my check ups done.
Our family didn’t have a car, and any bus would accept us for ride, when taxis would name an enormous price, just because of me being big, we had to find the solution for reaching the clinic of 30minutes drive.

But you know, nothing is impossible when you have someone who cares about you.

Makes me think about the old couple on the ferry. They couldn’t let their dog stay in the cage which is in baggage compartment because of its old age, so they spent all those 19 hours of the trip with him on the deck, despite the weather, despite cold and their discomfort, guarding in shifts while keeping each other warm with love and affection for their furry friend.

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Our names are Dana and Eva. Dana is my mom, and I'm Eva. I am Dana's daughter. My mom's official name on paper is Olivia, but they rarely call her that—usually Dana or Dusya. As for me, I was born right here at home. .
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